About China

MBBS in China is one of the preferred options because of the low cost, good education system, no entrance test, Medium of Instruction is English and many are MCI approved colleges. Out of these 45 MCI approved colleges we can offer admission based on students eligibility, availability and with their budget. MBBS program in China at the best medical college in China is uniquely designed to suit to the needs of international students.

Admission Process

  • Filling of Application Form
  • Issuance of Letter of Admission
  • Payment of University Fee
  • Application for Study Visa
  • Booking of Air Tickets and Preparation for Departure
  • Departure from India & Arrival in China

Why Study MBBS in China?

  • All MCI approved universities are government funded meaning the cost of tuition fees is very low
  • Extremely low living cost almost similar to Indian living cost
  • There is no entrance test requirement to get the admission and the admission is done only on the basis of 12
  • World class infrastructure on the campuses across China
  • International students giving intercultural experience.
  • Huge population gives great opportunity for the medical students to get exposed to large patient inflow in affiliated hospitals which are extremely large in size such as 8,000 hospital beds.
  • English Medium of Instruction
  • The cut-off point for grades for admission into Chinese universities is really low compared to other places. This makes it really easy to get enrolled into Chinese universities.
  • Eligible for any medical licensing examination.
  • Graduate with a globally recognize medical degree.
  • Easy getting admission to a top medical university.
  • Plenty of quality hospitals for internship.
  • Study in a society with excellent public security.
  • Better Job Prospects

Best Universities For MBBS in China


The university consists of 22 schools and 24 affiliated hospitals and more than 50 teaching hospitals in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Shandong Provinces. Including people from the affiliated hospitals the strength of NMU has more than 1600 employees, including 825 skilled teaching staff, 188 professors, 252 associate professors, 422 doctoral supervisors and 1746 master tutors.  The university now has 8 first-level discipline doctoral programs (basic medicine, clinical medicine, dental medicine, public health and preventive medicine, pharmacy, special medicine, nursing, humanistic medicine), 50 second-level discipline doctoral programs, 11 first-level discipline master’s programs, seventy-three second-level discipline master’s programs and seven postdoctoral research stations.


Jilin is a A Grade Medical University in China located in Changchun capital city of Jilin Province and is one of the most preferred Medical University in China by Indian students. Students are provided with the best of learning environment and very comfortable living by the University. This university was founded in 1952 with name “Anshan Air Force Medical Middle School and later changed to Jilin Air Force Medical University. This is one of largest military medical Schools an ranked in Top 10 Chinese Medical Universities moderate tuition fees. Totak expenses for 5 years is less than 20Lakhs including Tuition Fees and Living.


CMU was established in October of 1931 with the approval of The Central Military Commission in Ruijin of Jiangxi province then gradually In 2000, the university started to be administrated jointly by Liaoning province and Ministry of Health of PRC;China Medical University (CMU) consists of  33 institutions, departments and schools and is authorized to offer 19 programs for undergraduates, including clinical medicine, anesthesiology, medical imaging, psychology and mental health, pediatric medicine, stomatology,  preventive medicine, forensic medicine, clinical pharmacy, medical laboratory technology, medical imaging technology, rehabilitation science, nursing, biological science, biological engineering, information management and information system, public health management, biological technology and pharmaceutical science and awarding bachelor degree in medicine, science, engineering and management, respectively.


Gradually after 50 years Hubei University of Chinese medicine was started in central China. It established wider spectrum of higher education in Medicine, science, Engineering, Management and Arts. This medical school has 4 affiliated hospitals, 4 state level Medical Research Centers and 10 Research Institutions. Around 18000 students are studying in this university and since, 1986 more than 1600 overseas students from 30 countries and regions have completed their education in different levels. Hubei University welcomes students from all over the world for fulfill their dreams in various fields. In 2004 new campus was constructed with 1st class facilities like : Office, conference rooms, accommodation, Canteens, Gym, Fitness Center, Entertainment center.

Details Of MBBS In China


The duration of MBBS in China is 5 years plus 1 year of Internship.  After 5 years of attending University, students can come back to India to pursue Internship.

  • From 2014, the number of seats allotted for Indian students are reduced and that has increased the competition is getting admission in A+, A and B+ grade universities.
  • The eligibility to get admission to WHO approved MBBS in top China medical universities is  80% in PCB group.

Grab The Opportunity To Study MBBS In China