The strength of S V Videsh Vidya is the rich technical background of its founders and business partners. You don’t just take the counseling and guidance at S V Videsh Vidya. You take the experience with you. As one of India’s fastest emerging Overseas education consultants, we take pride in our counseling and guidance provided to the student. In the current scenario where Study Abroad options in various countries present unique challenges, we at S V Videsh Vidya take a giant leap forward in presenting the right opportunities available in the Overseas education and study abroad domain.S V Videsh Vidya partners have traveled across the globe are abreast with the education sector worldwide.

Study Abroad
Study Abroad

S V Videsh Vidya Enterprises was established in 2014 by Veena B Revashetti. Since then it has evolved into one of the emerging Study Abroad Consultants in Bangalore. We offer students an excellent opportunity to explore educational opportunities around the world. Our expertise in career guidance helps us understand student’s interests and we counsel them in the right direction to ensure that every student choose the right country and subject catering to their needs. We understand that students come with various technical, cultural and economic backgrounds and hence have vivid requirements. A good understanding of these differences has helped us in growing at a good pace and helped in diversifying from Study Abroad Consulting to Training and Visa Processing.

We at S V Videsh Vidya firmly believe that Geographical boundaries and financial constraints should not prevent a capable student from achieving the qualification from the best University/ institution suitable to their requirements and needs. We are committed to providing fair and accurate assistance and guidance to students seeking admission in educational institutions / universities. Due to high demand of skilled work force in the country and lack of infrastructure and seat availability in educational institutions in India, more and more students want to go for Overseas Education for Under graduate, post graduate to PhD. This is where S V Videsh Vidya pitches in as leading Study Abroad Consultants in Bangalore fulfilling the needs of thousands of our students.

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S V Videsh Vidya Enterprises is dedicated to helping students from all over India to realize their dream of getting their qualification from an institute that is best suited for their requirements, skills and knowledge they strive to acquire. Our unique experience facilitates education in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Dubai, Singapore, Ukraine, China, Philippines, St.Lucia, Sweden, and Switzerland. With our expert knowledge we believe we can help students looking for quality education with affordable fees in top Universities that provide the State-of-the-art facilities, thus enabling our students to be globally competitive.

S V Videsh Vidya provides complete solution for study abroad aspirants. Most disciplines in various overseas universities require a student to take one or more of the standardized tests such as GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, German Language, USMLE training. We cater to students going for programs ranging from Arts & Science courses Abroad, Engineering Study Abroad Courses and also MBBS, BDS, MD, MDS, DDS and Nursing and Health Care courses which are in huge demand world wide. Its understood that student indulge in nitty-gritty of overseas education and are often mislead for biased choices. We at S V Videsh Vidya encourage the student to first properly understand the various options available to them as per their profile and not based on countries that consultant may or may not represent. This approach has ensured that students at S V Videsh Vidya have highest rate of success in Admission to study MBBS and MS courses abroad.