Concept of Arts was relatively understated and often misunderstood branch in India’s education system, for a long time. But times they are changing. From the field that perceived to be an option only if you are not getting admission to Science and Mathematics stream to a field which is a major choice for wide variety of students now.¬†Arts & Humanities is trending in India among youth. One major reason of this transformation is the diversified roles that Arts can offer. The demand for professionals who have creative interest is growing at a rapid pace and so do the salaries, making it a lucrative field to make one’s career. There are wide varieties of courses/modules covered under Arts. To name a few:

Photography Studies
Film Making Studies
Fashion Designing
Graphic Design
Sound Design Studies
Fashion Marketing

Study Abroad Options for Arts & Humanities:

Prime destinations for arts and humanities overseas education for Indian students are US, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Depending on the courses and budget, students can decide to pursue Arts courses from one of these countries. Indian students prefer to go to USA & Canada for Graphic design, Film making and animation based courses; UK for Dance, Theater, Music and other courses; Australia, Singapore and New Zealand for Fashion, Culinary, Photography, Painting and film making.

Degree Courses Available:

Diverse programs under Arts and Humanities abroad, offer different specializations and degree options for Indian students. Some of these are:

  • MA in Arts or Fine Arts
  • MA in Music or MMus
  • MA in Dance with specialization in a Dance form
  • MA in Animation Arts and Design or Masters in Design
  • MA in Fashion Designing

Duration of Education:

Most programs in Arts and Humanities are 1 year to 3 year long. Post graduate students prefer to go for 1 -2 year programs whereas Undergraduate students pursue 2-3 year long courses along with Internships at various companies.

Cost of Education:

The average cost of one year program ranges from INR 5lacs to INR 12lacs. Two-Three year programs can cost between INR 12 lacs to 30 lacs in total.

Entry Requirements:

English language requirements for Indian students is a must. Students may fulfill that through one of these tests.

Some relaxations are available on a case to case basis.