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Why should Indian Students pursue medical studies abroad?

Large number of medical aspirants in India check out the options to pursue PG Medicine courses abroad to become qualified doctors.

This is largely because of three major factors:

1.  Studying PG medicine in India is tough due to limited seats.
2.  PG in Medicine is equally tough and entrance test for PG in India is a tough nut to crack especially when it comes to specialize in a particular field of medicine.
3.  High fees charged by private colleges admission processes.

Thus, the overseas PG options have gained prevalence in the healthcare sector for Indian student eyeing towards medical abroad study destinations. Past few years have seen an average increment of about 15-20 per cent increase in the number of students going abroad for studying pg medicine.

At postgraduate level- to choose the institutes abroad for medicine or medical studies is a humongous task considering the variety of Medical Overseas options available along with the tedious application process and Visa Processing to those countries.


We at S V Videsh Vidya help our students aspiring PG medical studies abroad to ease the uncertainty around the entire process and give tailored made PG overseas Indian students.

How to select Medical Universities Abroad for Overseas PG options for Indian Students?

Some of the key points while selecting PG Medicine options for Indian students

  1. Selecting the right and best destination for PG Medicine Abroad for Indian Students is quintessential as the country should have friendly environment for students to study and practice and tie-ups with Hospitals to Practice for Medicine students. The country should have at least decent healthcare industry in terms of innovation, technological advancement, tools and practices in hospitals, management in patientcare, exposure to different diseases and patients to treat.

  2. Study Abroad destinations for Medicine must be recognized as a good/excellent study abroad destination by the medical councils in the world such as European Union, MCI and other international medical boards. S V Videsh Vidya procure admission for students in universities which are approved by one or more medical councils as mentioned above. WFME is the global organization concerned with education and training of medical doctors worldwide.

  3. Knowledge of country-level Medical Licensure Exams that needs to be cleared only after which the student can pursue their postgraduate studies must be clear from the beginning to avoid missing all the opportunities answered by why to study medicine abroad. 

  4. Some countries require English Proficiency tests to study Medicine Abroad for Indian Students like IELTS or TOEFL, which must be kept in mind before applying to avoid from missing any deadlines. To know how to prepare for IELTS and TOEFL click: IELTS / TOEFL. Please contact S V Videsh Vidya to know more about countries that require IELTS or TOEFL as a prerequisite destination without IELTS.

  5. Cost of Medicine Abroad for Indian Students must be looked at by the students and their parents or sponsor to understand the financial responsibilities that studying abroad would entail. Students must understand that after MBBS, they are required to do go for an MD and pursue a super-specialty in order to be successful medical specialists. Specializations are becoming a norm and an area where doctors are getting paid well. Student should plan the budget to invest better for their Medicine PG.


Indian medical graduates can now practice in US, Canada   Australia - 

College Campus


That we help with

Universities Offering Health Courses (Pharmacy , Nursing, Pre-Medical)

➢University of Alabama Birmingham (M.S. in Epidemiology)* (CEPH Accredited)

➢University of Arizona (M.S. in Public Health) (CEPH Accredited)

➢Saint Louis University (M.S. in Public Health)* (CEPH Accredited)

➢SUNY, Albany (M.S. in Mental Health Counselling) (CEPH Accredited)

➢George Mason University (M.S. in Health Informatics)* 

➢University of Cincinnati (M.S. in Public Health)*

➢San Jose State University (Masters of Public Health)

➢University of North Florida (Master of Public Health)

➢University of North Texas (M.S. in Health Informatics)

➢University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (M.S. in Health Care informatics)*

➢UMass Dartmouth (M.S. in Healthcare Management)

➢University of Maryland Baltimore County (MPS Health Informatics Tech) *

➢University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (MBA in Health Care Administration)

➢* Resemble STEM Programs

➢Oregon State University (M.S. in Toxicology)

➢Wright State University (M.S. in Pharmacology & Toxicology)

➢University of Cincinnati (M.S. in Pharmaceutical Science)

➢(M.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry) New Jersey Institute of Technology

➢(M.S. in Pharmaceutics- Cosmetic Science) Long Island University, Brooklyn

➢(M.S. in Cosmetic Science) Fairleigh Dickinson University

➢(M.S. in Pharmacy Administration) Duquesne University

➢(M.S. in Toxicology) Colorado State University

➢(M.S. in Pharmacology & Toxicology) University of Louisville

➢Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and 

➢Health Sciences (M.S. in Regulatory Affairs & Health Policy)

Nursing and Pre-Medical

➢ Miami University, Middletown (B.S. in Nursing)
➢ The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa (B.S. in Nursing)
➢ Saginaw Valley State University (B.S. in Nursing)
➢ Arkansas State University (B.S. in Nursing)
➢ Youngstown State University (B.S. in Nursing)
➢ California State University, Fresno (B.S. in Nursing)
➢ Northern Arizona University (B.S. in Biomedical Science)
➢ Arizona State University (B.S. in Nursing)
➢ University of Tampa (B.S. in Nursing)
➢ Texas State University (B.S. in Nursing)
➢ Wright State University (B.S. in Nursing)
➢ Jefferson University (B.S. in Premedical Studies)
➢ University of Memphis (B.S. in Nursing)

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