GRE coaching in Bangalore: maximize your chances for success

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GRE- Graduate Record Examination is conducted by the same organization as TOEFL viz., ETS. GRE evaluates candidate’s verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills. It is a benchmark to access how an individual can apply verbal and aptitude in Graduate schools or PhD programs. It doesn’t depend on any particular branch of studies and hence is widely acceptable worldwide with hundreds of business schools also accepting GRE test score for their business studies program.

GRE comes in two variants:
1. GRE General Test- taken by 95% aspirants of overseas education or research.

  • Computer Based GRE General Test
  • Paper Based GRE General Test

2. GRE Subject Test- considered department wise in various research fields or higher education and study abroad purposes.

Duration of GRE test is around 3 hours 45 mins. A student can take this exam any 5 times in a year to improve the score but only once in 21 days. GRE scores are available instantly after exam for the two sections: Quantitative Reasoning & Verbal Reasoning, while Analytical & Writing Assessment(AWA) score comes in 15 days. A student can ask for score reports to be sent to the Universities where they intend to apply after the exam. If you select 4 universities, to send GRE scores, where you would want to apply for overseas education, then you can report it free of cost while you are still in examination centre. To send scores to universities later, extra charges are incurred. GRE scores can be ordered to send electronically from student’s ETS account, to the universities/colleges for study abroad.

Top 3 reasons to take GRE

    • It is known that the qualifiers in the GRE Test can get admissions easily in graduate schools worldwide.
    • Irrespective of the course you wish to do, taking the GRE test will help you plan better. GRE Scores are valid for 5 years, so even if you are not clear as to which course to pursue you can take the test and secure your future by staying ahead in the competition out there.
    • As the GRE test is a general test and does not test you on any specialised skill or subject it is easy for anyone to opt for this test based on their learning over the years.
    • As the GRE test is a general test and does not test you on any specialised skill or subject it is easy for anyone to opt for this test based on their learning over the years.
    • You are tested for verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing, so the scores give a total picture of your capabilities and potential.

How we help you to score?

  • Both classroom GRE coaching as well as GRE online preparation materials are provided to the students.
  • Series of GRE mock tests and assignments are part of the training process
  • Continuous feedback on students performance is provided on weekly basis
  • Small batch size ensures individual attention to work on deficiencies and customized inputs

What can you get from our training?

  • Audio visual classroom and test environment is provided to the students to make them comfortable
  • Important Grammar improvement sessions are given
  • Flexible timings ensure ease of learning at our Institute. It’s helpful if you have less time to prepare and apply using GRE for overseas education

Details Of GRE

GRE General Test(Computer Based):

​GRE Computer based test is also a Computer Adaptive Test. The difficulty of questions adapts to candidate’s performance from one section to another. A good first verbal section may get you a good head start in terms of adaptiveness of GRE test and may help you score better. You can skip questions and come back later but you can’t go back to a previous section. There are six sections with a 10-minute break after the third section. Overall score of GRE exam is 340 with a minimum of 130 and maximum of 170 in both Quantitative as well as Verbal Reasoning sections. A score of 305-315+ must be targeted for getting into good universities.
​The higher the better. Sometimes being greedy is good !!

Structure of the Computer Based Test