Free Profile Assesment

Every aspirant needs to assess where they stand with respect to their profile. Are you falling short of some standard tests requirements? Are you having less percentages? Do you have all academic records? Are you a person with lots of extra-curricular but low academic score? Do you have backlogs and if yes, what are the chances? Do you have gap in education? And many more… Most of these questions are relevant to study abroad aspirants. And make no mistake, if you carefully handle even the worst of situation in a positive way, there may be a wonderful opportunity waiting for you. So why wait!! Get your Free Study Abroad Profile Evaluation done through our experts and step in to a better and successful career.

Country/University Selection/Course

Needless to say this is one of the most critical aspect of your Study Abroad application. We help our registered students in shortlisting the colleges/universities based on the Profile Assessment done in first step. It involves interest of the students keeping in mind their overall profile which includes academic scores, standardized test scores, work experience, budget and other factors. We are flexible in applying to universities where we are partnered and/or outside of that. Once the student is ready to apply after having consulted with friends and family, we start the Documentation. There are over 10000+ courses in more than 15 countries across various fields to choose from. To read about specific options available through S V Videsh Vidya.

Documentation and Application Processing

Documents are subject to country and course applying for in most cases. Two major points students must understand is that, Timely Submission of Documents is required and that the Documents submitted are in the prescribed format as per the University/Visa guidelines. At S V Videsh Vidya, we provide list of documents based on the guidelines and go through those documents once procured from students and suggest changes if necessary. We also correct and polish the documents based on structure, format, relevance, grammar and objective of the document. Some of the documents that hold critical importance and must not be overlooked are:

  • SOP- Statement of Purpose
  • LOR- Letter of Recommendation
  • Resume/CV
  • Academic Essay or Goals
  • Portfolio Building

Application Processing starts as soon as students select the university/course/country and have submitted the documents. S V Videsh Vidya does not charge application fee for the universities represented. Generally, the application processing starts 8-10 months in advance of the intake chosen and can go as less as 1-2 months(depending on all documents ready). We suggest earlier the better as it gives us enough time to apply for Study Abroad Scholarships( which have early deadlines). Turn around time for Universities to make a decision once the application is submitted varies and depends on the volume of application received. It’s always advised to apply early but late applications aren’t necessary at a disadvantage. It takes about 2-4 weeks and in some cases 6-8 weeks to confirm the admission.

To know more about Scholarships or Admission Intakes, follow the link below.​

Interview Preparation

University Admission Interview

In USA/ Germany/ Canada/ Europe/ Australia/ New Zealand, many universities prefer to interview students as part of their Study Abroad Student Admission Process or as an extra step to ensure the right candidature for a particular course applied during university admissions.

​At S V Videsh Vidya, our team informs the student in advance and coordinate with the universities on students behalf to organize these interviews. These interviews may be telephonic or Skype based and are facilitated in S V Videsh Vidya Office. We help our students with the requisite preparation and provide them significant inputs based on their profle.

For Visa guidance and Interview Prep, click below.

Visa Guidance & Interview

Study Abroad Student Visa Interviews are the most critical aspect of pursuing the dream of Overseas education in the desired country for any student. A failure at that point may shatter the hopes of furthering one’s career through education, not to forget the time and energy it takes to revamp the process for another intake or starting study abroad planning for another country.

S V Videsh Vidya conducts multiple interviews including stress interview to provide an idea of what to expect during actual Visa Interviews. We also guide students for country specific documents required like financial records- type and amount. We also provide questionnaire highlighting do’s and don’ts for Visa Interviews.