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GRE is one of the most acceptable test taken by students and professionals worldwide.GRE scores are utilized to decide on the reasoning abilities of students through both Verbal as well as Quantitative tests. Aspirants seeking admission to the Post Graduate or Doctoral programs in various Universities and Colleges take GRE exam. Business Schools accept GRE scores and a high GRE score may tilt the scale in student’s favor. There are two types of GRE exam: GRE General Test & GRE Subject Test.
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Also called as ‘Language of the Deutschland’ , is the official language of Germany.German is widely spoken language in Europe and other parts of the world. With over 200+ million speakers worldwide and as 10th most spoken language, German has great sense of culture involved and leads in bringing people together. Besides, Germany has free education for courses taught in German Language
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International English Language Testing System is taken by highest number of students across the world. IELTS is designed to test the most important aspect of knowing English language under four categories viz., Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking. To know more, click below:


Test Of English As Foreign Language is a test originally designed for non-native English language speakers applying to universities in USA. Later, it was adopted by almost all the countries world wide. TOEFL iBT test conducted by ETS has a paper format as well. To know more, click below: