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S V Videsh Vidya Enterprises

Global Education Services

Why Study Abroad ?

Study Abroad is as alluring as it can get. It presents itself with tremendous opportunities and uncertainties. You step into the real world and in most cases, out of your comfort zone and embrace the differences that exist in various cultures and education systems. Traveling is an integral part of the study abroad process and it paves the way to a great future once you inculcate the learning from the difficulties and challenges of a new culture in your stride.

S V Videsh Vidya Enterprises is dedicated to helping students from all over India to realize their dream of getting their qualification from an institute that is best suited for their requirements, skills and knowledge they strive to acquire. Our unique experience facilitates education in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Spain, France, Dubai, Singapore, Philippines, Sweden, and Switzerland . With our expert knowledge we believe we can help students looking for quality education with affordable fees in top Universities that provide the State-of-the-art facilities, thus enabling our students to be globally competitive.

Top Reasons to Study Abroad

Graduation Caps

Educational Benefits

 Studying abroad, you will experience education in a completely new way due to the difference in the systems of education. This can be challenging at first, but it will broaden your mind to new ways of learning and enhance your skills and personality in countless ways.

Business Consultation

Enhance Your Career Opportunities

After completing your overseas education, you are equipped with a globally recognised degree, enhanced language skills, a widened perspective on culture and willingness to take on new challenges whether you choose to stay and apply for visa or you return home and seek work.


See The World

In between lectures and assignments, you will get plenty of time to explore whether you are visiting iconic landmarks or trying new cuisines. Your stay abroad is bound to make you a global citizen.

What to Study ?


Medical PG








Other Engineering Courses

Business and Management





Our Students Say

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B.Tech - China

" I thank you for your kind and excellent services provided to me from the beginning till the end. Thank you for helping me in getting admission for MS and MBA in Italy in 3 Universities. I appreciate your services and admire your knowledge in all programs , countries and various options students can get in pursuing higher education abroad. Wish you good luck! “ "


MBA - Italy

" I Approached SV Videsh Vidya Enterprises very late with respect to admissions and Mrs Veena was very helpful in helping me find a suitable university as per my needs and helped in securing my admission to the very prestigious Sichuan University in China within a couple of weeks and also in obtaining all the necessary documents and completing all the formal procedures. I am very glad to have Approached S V Videsh vidya for assistance on furthering my education. "

Mayank Sharma

" I spent more than 6 months in searching for good Univ and spent more 60 to 85000 for application and courier charges but I did not get admission anywhere. I was determined to do MS in Germany so, I visited SVVV and was given 100% guidance. I got admission in 4 Univs. It was very difficult to choose 1 out of 4. "
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