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Scholarships and Loans

Graduation Caps


Every year more than hundreds of thousands of dollars worth scholarships are distributed for International Students by various Universities/Colleges/Organizations. Most of these scholarships goes to the deserving ones based on numerous criteria described by the Funding Institute. For Indian students these scholarships can come in following ways.

  • Indian Student Overseas Education Scholarships

  • International Students Study Abroad Scholarships

  • Indian Students Scholarship for Higher studies in India

The myth around scholarship is that only toppers from different spheres of life gets scholarship. But let’s not argue that toppers deserve these scholarships based on certain criteria. But Overseas Education Scholarships are not restricted to toppers alone. Most Study Abroad Student Scholarships fall under following four major types:​

  • Need based Scholarships (for financially backward students mostly with good/decent academic records)

  • Student Specific Scholarships (generally based on caste, religion, gender or similar grounds)

  • University/College Scholarships (it can be Merit based or other criteria as mentioned by university)

  • Company Based Sponsorship (Professionals working in companies get full sponsorship in the pretext of coming back and joining the same company)

​The above mentioned types of scholarships cover almost 90% of total scholarships awarded to Study Abroad aspirants. Hence students seeking admission for overseas education mustn’t lose hope and do research thoroughly to take advantage of these wonderful scholarship options.

Education Loans

Education loans in India have come a long way from having conservative approach to more flexible one in recent years. Hard working Students generally have no problem paying back Education Loans after finishing their studies. Overseas Education Loans to Study Abroad help may families getting a substantial funding from both Public and Private sector banks. S V Videsh Vidya has partnered with Indian financial institutions to facilitate Education Loans for Study abroad purposes of Indian Students. We suggest banks based on their services, loan amount required and student’s family financial background and location. It’s faster to get Education loans these days but proper planning is required so as not to delay the University Admission process. Financial documents are must during Visa Interview and varies from country to country. We guide our students the right approach and timing to get these loans in order to secure I-20 from the University.


Most Overseas education loan cover the cost of following and are paid mostly to the University directly:​

  • Tuition fee

  • Insurance fee

  • Cost of books & supplies

  • Accommodation costs

  • Living expenses

  • Travel and Transportation expenses

​Scholarships may not cover the expenses incurred as per the above list and hence timely procurement of Education loans goes a long way in maintaining the student finances in order :

  • ​Loans upto INR 4lacs doesn’t require a Guarantor or margin

  • ​Loans upto INR 7.5lacs require a third party Guarantor but no collateral

  • Loans above INR 7.5lacs require a Guarantor as well as collateral (proof of any immovable property or asset)
    Repayment of loans is dependent on banks or financial institution and generally starts after 6 months or 12 months of completion of the course. Grace period of Repayment of loans ranges from 5-15 yrs for loans above 7.5lacs but in some cases can be lower as well

Indian Scholarships for Overseas Education

  • JN Tata Endowment Scholarships

  • Inlaks Study Abroad Scholarships

  • KC Mahindra Scholarship for PG Studies Abroad

  • India4EU II (Erasmus Mundus) Scholarships to Study in Europe

  • British Council IELTS Scholarship 2016

  • Inlaks Research Travel Grants

  • TOEFL Scholarship Program in India

  • National Overseas Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

  • Dr. Ambedkar Scheme of Interest Subsidy on Educational Loan for Overseas Studies for students belonging to OBCs and EBCs

  • SERB Overseas Doctoral Fellowship Programme

International Scholarships for Study Abroad


scholarships for overseas education of Indian students are mentioned below country wise.

United Kingdom :

  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan 2016

  • Sheffield Hallam University’s Scholarship for Sport Business Management, UK

  • Hornby Scholarships 2016 – 14 to Study in UK

  • University of Oxford’s Rhodes Scholarship 2016 for Indian Students

  • Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarships 2016

  • Oxford-Indira Gandhi Graduate Scholarship

  • Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships

  • Inlaks Study Abroad Scholarships

  • Imperial College India Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships 2016

  • Goa Education Trust Scholarships 2016 (GET)

  • University of Sheffield’s Scholarships 2016 for Indian Students

  • Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland Scholarships for Indian Subcontinent Students

  • University of Sussex Scholarships 2016 for Indians

  • Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) Scholarships

  • University of Southampton Scholarship

  • Cambridge India Ramanujan Scholarship

  • Lady Meherbai Tata Scholarships for Women

  • Chevening Scholarships

  • Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship (SSS)

  • Great Britain Scholarships – India 2017

United States of America(USA)

  • USIEF Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships 2016-2016

  • Tata Scholarships for Cornell University, U.S

  • Lady Meherbai Tata Scholarships for Women

  • Fellowship for Post Doctoral Research in USA for Indian Scholars
    TOEFL® Scholarship Program in India

  • American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

  • Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship

  • Yale Young Global Scholars, Yale University


  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) by Australian Government

  • Macquarie University Scholarships for Postgraduate Research

  • Melbourne – India Postgraduate Scholarship Program 2016
    Australia Awards Scholarships

  • JASON (Joint Academic Scholarships Online Network)



  • Chinese Government Scholarship 2017

  • Huawei Maitree Scholarship for Study in China

New Zealand

  • Commonwealth Scholarship Plan, New Zealand Awards 2017

  • New Zealand Excellence Award


  • A STAR and SIA Youth Scholarship


  • UCD Undergraduate Scholarships

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