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Business Management courses have evolved in recent years as per the demands of changing business scenarios, scaling heights of globalization in developing economies as well as the developed, and the startups mushrooming in various parts of the world. Apart from the ever so present MBA programs, options in the field of Management Abroad has grown many folds. Students from India are taking up specialized courses to hone their business skills right after Senior secondary year. This gives them an early advantage to learn and understand different facets of Business and Management. Plenty of overseas Business and Management courses are available at Undergraduate as well as Post graduate level. These are available at affordable costs and are packed with an international curriculum as well as Internships. Some of the courses/modules covered under Management are:


Study Abroad Options for Business and Management:

Prime destinations for business & management overseas education for Indian students are in countries like New Zealand, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, USA, Europe and Ireland. Depending on the courses and budget, students can decide to pursue management courses from one of these countries. New Zealand and Canada are the prime destination for Business Administration or business management courses in bachelor’s for study abroad Indian students ; Singapore, Dubai, Australia is second in favorites for bachelor’s; Then comes UK and USA. Postgraduate Business and Management courses abroad are certainly the top choice for Indian students to attain quality education at affordable cost.

Bachelors and Masters Courses Available:

Diverse programs under Business & Management abroad, offer different specializations and degree options for Indian students. They are offered as BA , MA, Bachelors / Masters etc.

•           Commerce, Business and Administration

•           Banking, Insurance, Risk Management, Taxation

•           Business Analytics, Management Consulting

•           Business Management, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship,

•           Innovation, Operations, Project Management, Event Management,

•           Organizational Management, Health Management

•           Commerce

•           Conflict Analysis and Management

•           Finance, Accounts, Commerce, Economics

•           Financial Management, International Management, Marketing Management, Technical Management:

•           Hospitality and Tourism Management

•           Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development

•           Information Systems, Information Technology Management

•           International Business

•           Logistics, Supply Chain Management

•           Office Administration

•           Real Estate, Property Administration

•           Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Public Services, E-business, Digital Business, Digital Marketing:

•           International Business/Design & Innovation/International Trade

•           Transportation, Transportation Management

•           Library Management

•           Exhibition Management, Event Management

•           Hospital Management, Healthcare Management

•           Sports Management

Duration of Education:

Most programs in Business Management are 1 year to 3 year long. Post graduate students prefer to go for 1 -2 year programs whereas Undergraduate students pursue 2-3 year long courses along with Internships at various companies.



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