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Counselling and Shortlisting


Counselling / Profile Assessment

Every aspirant needs to assess where they stand with respect to their profile. Are you falling short of some standard tests requirements? Are you having less percentages? Do you have all academic records? Are you a person with lots of extra-curricular but low academic score? Do you have backlogs and if yes, what are the chances? Do you have gap in education? And many more… Most of these questions are relevant to study abroad aspirants. And make no mistake, if you carefully handle even the worst of situation in a positive way, there may be a wonderful opportunity waiting for you. So why wait!! Get your Free Study Abroad Profile Evaluation done through our experts and step in to a better and successful career.

Shortlisting of Universities

Needless to say this is one of the most critical aspect of your Study Abroad application. We help our registered students in shortlisting the colleges/universities based on the Profile Assessment done in first step. It involves interest of the students keeping in mind their overall profile which includes academic scores, standardized test scores, work experience, budget and other factors. We are flexible in applying to universities where we are partnered and/or outside of that. Once the student is ready to apply after having consulted with friends and family, we start the Documentation. There are over 10000+ courses in more than 15 countries across various fields to choose from. To read about specific options available through S V Videsh Vidya.

Moscow State University
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